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"I'm Not Good at Holding Hands"

This website was built with the intention of sharing my journey as a victim of adolescent sexual violation, and through the resulting post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). And now you can purchase my book on Amazon or Amazon Kindle. I think I have been writing about this most of my life but never had the courage to actually put it in print. I thought that it was because I was afraid of what others would think if they knew the “real” me. I know now that I was struggling to understand my place within my own life. The picture that I had of myself did not match the reality of the events that had occurred. 

For so long, I felt so alone, and so out of place with the world around me. Though I often projected a polished veneer, it was built on a fragile stack of blocks that I felt would – and sometimes did – come crashing down at any moment. It has taken decades to be in a place emotionally and mentally where I am able to finally look at my past and share this with others.

I hope now that what I have written can shed some insight into this travesty that still thrives within our cultures and societies. I hope that it will alert others to behaviors around them that may signal that there may be someone in crisis that needs help. I hope that others that have lived through sexual violation may find something within the pages I’ve written to support their own journeys. I hope that those that may find themselves in a dark place will find some light to lead them out.

My plan is to use any proceeds that I receive to develop workshops and other opportunities to educate the public and to support those so desperately in need.



Audio excerpts:

The Baby
Protect Me

"The Baby" is explicit in nature and describes a sexual assault that occurred when I was 16 years old.

"Protect Me" is an actual occurrence of my attempt to gain protection as a 17 year old runaway.

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