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Branding 101 (continued)


So, branding. Branding is a marketing term that refers to the mechanics of changing the way people think about or identify with a concept so that it will be either considered in a favorable position or achieve promotional success. In this case, it works just as well in a negative context. If you insist on branding me, recognize that I have experience and knowledge on the topic of sexual assault.

Here are some new words that can be introduced here that more accurately describe someone who was a victim – notice the term “victim” is past tense. In the present tense, this person is strong, powerful, and resilient. This person has endured what in many instances is a lethal encounter. When a soldier comes home from war, we celebrate their experience and honor them. Sexual violation is not something to be celebrated but the person that endures it should be respected and not diminished.

Here is some new branding: victor, educator, advocate, protector.

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